Necessary Precautions When Pruning Your Trees

Any reputed tree service professional would advise you to be safe and take the necessary precautions when doing the pruning of your trees all by yourself. You could benefit from these safety tips a lot. Do not in any case forget to adapt the following pruning precautions:

The Apparel
Always remember to wear appropriate personal protective gear. The equipment you choose should come with safety locks and guards so that there is no danger of harming yourself. Don’t forget to wear the safety glasses and put on the necessary side shields. You will also get a hard hat with the equipment you buy including a pair of sturdy gloves and steel toed shoes as well. Don’t forget to wear them when working with pruning tools. Couple all of these with a long-sleeved shirt, and long protective pants.

Tree Service Company

Safety From External Factors
Also you should make it a point to never prune your trees or its branches when standing close to power lines or when the tree is located within 10 feet of their distance. In such cases you will have to contact your local tree service and utility company and ask them for assistance or just let them take over from there.

Personal Safety Measures
Whenever you have to climb a ladder or work from a height, avoid holding or carry pruning tools in your hands. Also you will have to maintain a safe working distance from things and tools that may pose potential harm or danger. Try to maintain a safe working distance from another worker when you are holding or using any hand pruning tools

Always begin the work by inspecting the work area first as this will help you locate any signs of pests such as rats or squirrels or lizards and bees, wasps, or any other animals that might be living somewhere in the tree. And many people try to cut branches that are a lot bigger than what their pruning tool is capable of cutting, so don’t do that at all.

This is a crucial one right here; before you make a cut, the leading tree service professionals would always advise you to know the location of your hands and fingers. Never ever drop or throw or let any pruning tools fall from the ladder. Sharp ends or corners of pruning tools should always be pointed down when you carry them.

Do remember to make an audible “timber” warning before you drop down a branch. You will also need to take frequent breaks because you will be performing repetitive tasks and that really takes a toll on your muscles. Prevent yourself from getting overtired. Don’t forget to drink ample fluids before you get to work as it will prevent heat exhaustion and dehydration. Last but not the least, it is always better to be informed about the weather conditions

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