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Do you need help maintaining the health and beauty of your trees on your property in Oregon? Don’t let tree care headaches weigh you down any longer. Trust Evergreen Landscape to handle all your tree care needs in Banks, OR.

At Evergreen Landscape & Tree Services, we understand the frustration and concern of caring for your trees, especially when faced with challenges like overgrowth, disease, or storm damage. Whether you’re seeking routine maintenance to keep your trees thriving or require emergency services to address unexpected issues, our dedicated team of arborists is here to provide quality tree services in Banks, OR, that you can trust.

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How Evergreen Tree Services is Different

At Evergreen Tree Services, we believe in letting our work do the talking. With years of valuable experience and a profound understanding of tree care, our seasoned team of arborists ensures that your trees receive expert attention. We go beyond enhancing your property’s visual appeal with our dedication to preserving its well-being. Trust us to safeguard the health and splendor of your trees with unparalleled expertise.

But our commitment to excellence doesn’t stop there. We’re constantly striving to raise the bar in the industry, staying ahead of the curve with innovative techniques and cutting-edge technology. When you choose Evergreen Tree Services in Banks, OR, you’re getting a partner committed to exceeding customer expectations every step of the way.

Past Client Testimonials & Reviews

Victoria Strand
Victoria Strand
Evergreen gets 5 stars without hesitation (I would give them more if I could!) I interviewed and received bids from several companies and Evergreen had a very reasonable and fair price and the representative that I met with seemed genuine and honest. I hired Evergreen to trim the large oak tree in my backyard and my neighbor’s tree as well. Their team arrived on time, were professional, and communicated the process in detail and got to work and my yard was spotless when they were done. I had to leave for work before they were finished, but I received a phone call letting me know that that one of the very large branches hit my roof and caused some damage and they were sending their team back out in 2 days to repair the damage - they did just that. They had to replace a piece of plywood during the repairs that was on the edge and you can see that piece underneath on the overhang. They took the old plywood, matched the paint color, came back and painted it. I also had to call them with a water runoff issue and they readjusted the gutter and even cleaned some debris that had accumulated possibly during the tree trimming, regardless they went above and beyond and cleaned it out. There were a few communication delays during the repairs, but they more than made up for it in their work and follow through. I want to thank Evergreen Landscape Care and Tree Services for being professional and honest and following through - I feel like there are too many contractors out there that do not treat the customer like they should and often take advantage. If I have a need to have trees trimmed again, I will call Evergreen back and recommend them as well.
Jenna Alexander
Jenna Alexander
So happy with the work the Evergreen team did for us! We had a large tree damaged in a storm that they took down, and pruned our magnolia as well. They did an excellent job with the work & clean up, and they got it done so quickly! They were recommended to me by a friend, and I would be happy to recommend them again.
Iris Ireland
Iris Ireland
Evergreen removed a giant, dead fir tree next to a home I recently purchased in Silverton. They did a fantastic job. Communication was fantastic, and they were very professional. They were even able to take out the tree without damaging the decorative retaining wall next to it. They also trimmed up a second for a tree on the property. I am very pleased and would highly recommend them.
Steve Self
Steve Self
Evergreen Landscape was very good and professional. They removed a 80-90ft. dead Cedar and had it cut and cleaned up like it had never been there except for stump in 1 1/2hrs . The crew was smiling and friendly for miserable rainy day. Would recommend to anyone, price was reasonable.
Pam Self
Pam Self
These folks are absolutely amazing. They were professional and friendly, even working in the pouring rain. They removed the tree, cleaned up the debris, blocked the wood and stacked it for us. I would recommend this company to everyone who's needs tree care!
Deanna Chavez
Deanna Chavez
The best company ever. What a wonderful crew. Removed my ginormous Sycamore tree and were very careful with many landscaping obstacles in their way. Very professional and would highly recommend.
Penny Woods
Penny Woods
These guys are amazing! They took an 80+ year old oak tree off our house with incredible speed and efficiency, while coordinating with the power company during the recent historic ice storm. The care they showed us as freezing people was incredible, even bringing us a generator while they got the logistics worked out. Highly recommend!!!
Jen Dugger Spalding
Jen Dugger Spalding
These guys are awesome! The winter storm left us with a huge branch detached from the tree up about 60 ft in the air directly above our house. They came out and within the hour, they had safely removed the branch from the tree, loaded up that branch and another large one that had fallen into our yard during the storm, and got all the debris out of there. While they were here, my neighbor asked them to trim back a branch from another one of our trees that was hanging over his house and they did it for free! They were quick, kind, professional, and I will use whenever needed from here, out!

Tree Care Services We Provide in Banks, OR

When it comes to maintaining the health and beauty of your trees, Evergreen Tree Services is who you should trust. Our team of skilled arborists brings years of experience and expertise to every project, ensuring your trees receive the care they need to thrive. From routine maintenance to specialized treatments, we offer a comprehensive range of services to address all aspects of tree care in the Banks area.

Tree Trimming / Pruning

Regular tree trimming and pruning are essential components of proper tree care, offering several benefits beyond enhancing the appearance of your trees. By removing dead or diseased branches, our expert arborists promote healthy growth and reduce the risk of potential hazards such as falling limbs.

Additionally, strategic trimming helps maintain proper branch structure and canopy density, ensuring optimal sunlight penetration and air circulation throughout the tree. Whether your trees require shaping, thinning, or crown reduction, our trimming and tree pruning approach will leave them looking their best while promoting long-term vitality.

Tree Removal

When a tree becomes compromised due to disease, damage, or poses a safety risk to your property or its occupants, timely tree removal service is crucial. Our team is trained to assess trees thoroughly and determine the most appropriate course of action. Utilizing advanced equipment and proven techniques, we can safely and efficiently provide tree removal services to our friends in Banks.

From precise directional felling to controlled dismantling in confined spaces, we prioritize safety and precision throughout the tree removal process. Rest assured, your property will be left clean, undamaged, and free from the hazards posed by unwanted trees.

Stump Removal

While removing a tree may address immediate concerns, the presence of unsightly tree stumps can detract from the beauty and functionality of your landscape. Our professional tree stump removal services offer a comprehensive solution to this common problem. 

Using specialized equipment, we effectively eliminate stumps below ground level, ensuring a smooth, level surface ready for landscaping or redevelopment. Say goodbye to tripping hazards and eyesores – our stump grinding services will leave your property looking clean, clear, and rejuvenated.

Emergency Tree Service

Mother Nature can be unpredictable, and severe weather events like storms, high winds, or heavy snowfall can wreak havoc on your trees instantly. When disaster strikes, our emergency tree services are available 24/7 to provide prompt assistance and restore safety to your property. 

Whether it’s removing fallen trees blocking roadways or securing damaged limbs threatening structures, our rapid response team is equipped to handle any emergency with efficiency and professionalism. Your safety and peace of mind are our top priorities, and you can trust our emergency tree services when you need them most.

We Utilize the Most Advanced Equipment & Technology in Tree Care

At Evergreen Tree Services, we are committed to delivering top-notch results by staying at the forefront of all arbor industry advancements. We invest in cutting-edge equipment and technology to ensure every tree care job in Banks, OR, is executed precisely and efficiently. Our arsenal of tools includes high-powered chainsaws, advanced climbing gear, and specialized machinery designed to easily handle even the most challenging tasks.

In addition to traditional hand tools, we utilize specialized machinery to streamline our operations and enhance productivity. From aerial lifts and cranes to stump grinders and wood chippers, our equipment can handle a wide range of tasks quickly and precisely, minimizing disruption to your property and surroundings.

Evergreen Tree Services Focuses on Environmental Best Practices

Our team recognizes the vital role that trees play in sustaining our natural environment in the Pacific Northwest. That’s why we are dedicated to implementing eco-friendly practices in all tree care services. By prioritizing sustainability and environmental responsibility, we strive to minimize our ecological footprint while promoting the health and longevity of your trees.

Our tree care operations use environmentally friendly products and materials whenever possible, minimizing the impact on surrounding ecosystems and wildlife. Whether it’s organic fertilizers, biodegradable lubricants, or recycled mulch, we strive to make choices that support the health and integrity of our environment. We responsibly dispose of branches, leaves, and other wood debris, recycling or repurposing them whenever feasible.

We Promise to Uphold Appropriate Safety Measures & Follow Oregon Regulations

At Evergreen Tree Services, safety is a fundamental principle that guides everything we do. Our team is committed to upholding the highest safety standards in every aspect of our tree care operations. From initial assessment to project completion, we adhere to strict safety protocols to ensure the well-being of our crew, your property, and the surrounding environment.

As a reputable tree care provider in Banks, OR, we understand the importance of compliance with state regulations governing tree care practices. From tree removal permits to environmental protection guidelines, we stay on top of all relevant regulations set forth by the state of Oregon and ensure full compliance in our operations.

Honest Pricing on Tree Care in Banks

When you request a quote from Evergreen Tree Services, you can expect a detailed breakdown of costs with no hidden fees or surprises. We take the time to thoroughly assess your tree care needs and provide an accurate estimate of the work involved, ensuring you know exactly what to expect before we begin.

Whether you’re looking for routine maintenance or emergency services, we’ll work with you to find the most cost-effective solution without compromising quality or safety. Throughout the tree care process, we maintain open and transparent communication with our clients, keeping you informed every step of the way. If any unforeseen issues arise that may impact pricing, we’ll discuss them with you upfront and provide options for moving forward.

Seasonal Considerations for Tree Care Services

Each season presents its own set of challenges and opportunities when it comes to tree care. Our certified arborists recognize the importance of adapting our approach to meet the specific needs of your trees throughout the year. As temperatures rise and new growth emerges, spring is ideal for pruning and shaping your trees. 

With the heat of summer comes increased water demand for your trees. Our team will monitor soil moisture levels and recommend appropriate watering schedules to maintain hydration. As autumn approaches, preparing your trees for the inclement weather ahead. During the dormant winter season, when trees are less active, we’ll focus on strategic pruning to remove deadwood and shape the canopy for optimal growth in the coming year. 


How to Care for Your Trees After Getting Work Done

At Evergreen Tree Services, we are committed to providing expert guidance to elevate the beauty of your property’s landscape throughout the year. Whether you’re embarking on a complete outdoor makeover or simply maintaining your existing garden, our team offers tailored advice to meet your unique needs. Here are five essential tips to consider once your project is complete:

  • Soil Health and Preparation: After tree removal or significant pruning, assessing and preparing the soil before introducing new vegetation is crucial. Tree services can impact soil quality, so conducting tests and adding necessary amendments creates an ideal environment for plant growth. Incorporating organic matter enriches the soil, fostering healthy growth for your landscaping endeavors.
  • Right Plant, Right Place: Selecting plants that thrive in your local environment is essential. Consider factors like sun exposure, soil composition, and water requirements to ensure optimal growing conditions. Additionally, factor in each plant’s mature size to prevent overcrowding and potential conflicts with neighboring plants.
  • Irrigation and Drainage: Efficient water management is key to sustaining a vibrant landscape. Evaluate your property’s drainage system and update your irrigation setup to accommodate your new design. By optimizing water usage and maintaining proper moisture levels, you can support lush plant growth while minimizing maintenance demands.
  • Aesthetic and Functional Design: Thoughtfully designing your outdoor space enhances both its visual appeal and functionality. Incorporate features like pathways, seating areas, or privacy barriers to improve usability and elevate the overall aesthetic. Pay attention to color schemes and plant textures for a visually pleasing design that complements your surroundings.
  • Long-term Maintenance and Growth: Plan for the future by considering the ongoing maintenance and growth potential of your landscaping choices. Understand the growth habits and care needs of your selected plants to ensure they align with your long-term commitment and capabilities. Opting for low-maintenance and native plant species promotes sustainability and reduces the need for extensive upkeep.

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