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5 Benefits Of Dormant Tree Pruning in Portland, OR


What is dormant pruning, and Why is it necessary? If you have a beautiful landscape, you must like to make it beautiful and blooming all the time. Don’t you? Dormant pruning is the practice to reduce the size and remove unnecessary branches of plants and trees for giving a proper structure to it.

What is the best time for dormant pruning?

The best time for dormant pruning is between late November and mid-March. During this time, trees remain inactive, and it is considered the best time to remove low-hanging branches, damaged and broken tree limbs. Pruning also creates space for sunlight to penetrate deeper tree branches and small plants growing under it.

What are the benefits of dormant pruning?

Dormant pruning provides lots of benefits. It makes your trees and plants healthier and more productive. Let’s know more about dormant pruning benefits:

1. Clear Visibility For Easy Pruning:

During winter, deciduous trees and shrubs lose their leaves. As trees remain without leaves, you can easily check their full structure and identify the defective parts such as dead, diseased branches. Just remove those parts to enhance the proper health of trees.

You can also check if any branches are rubbing each other, which is a critical problem of trees. This is known as cross-branching. Cross-branches cause critical problems in trees, especially if you do not treat them in time.

It can damage the entire tree structure. Hence it’s recommended to prune those branches as quickly as possible. You can cut the smaller branch leaving, the healthier one. It’ll promote good tree structure.

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2. Dormant Pruning Reduces The Risk Of Spreading Certain Diseases:

In the cold season, most bacteria, fungi, and disease-causing insects remain in a dormant state. Generally, when you cut a tree limb or branch, there is very much probability of getting wounded and attacked by fungi, bacteria, viruses, etc. It can even kill the tree. Winter is the best time to prune trees and shrubs when they are in a dormant state.

3. Dormant Pruning Ensures Safety:

During winter, when the ice and snow-fall over the tree, it overweight the branches. If the branches are weak or diseased, they can break and fall on your house or property, creating great damage. Even it can hurt people under the tree. Pruning reduces the risk of any serious accident occurrences.

4. Dormant Pruning Improves Growth:

Pruning dead, diseased, weak, and down-word growing tree limbs promote healthy growth. It improves the structure of the tree. Also, it saves energy and nutrition for the proper growth of different parts of trees.

5. Dormant Pruning Improves Air Circulation:

When trees or shrubs start growing, it produces lots of branches that prevent air circulation and sunlight from reaching the trees’ inner parts. It can create disease in your trees and deteriorates their health. Cutting overgrown parts makes room for sunlight and air circulation. It promotes good tree health.

In Conclusion:

Here you have seen how beneficial it’s to prune your trees in the dormant state. Get proper shape of your trees and plants and make them stay healthy for long. It’ll give your landscape a wonderful appearance and make your tree ready for the upcoming season to bloom beautiful flowers and bear good fruits.

If you need any help or guidance to prune your trees contact our tree care experts. They will help you to prune your trees properly without hurting them. Also, if you can have any queries, you can dial our contact number (503) 563-7383. We will be happy to help you out.

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