How To Prune Trees Properly?

How To Prune Trees Correctly

If you have trees, you know how important it’s to keep them strong and healthy. Proper and regular tree pruning enhances its growth and structure. So, it would be best if you learn “how to prune a tree properly.” Or you can hire tree care experts who will help you prune your trees with the right pruning methods.

What is tree pruning?

Tree pruning is the method of cutting branches of trees and plants that are weak, diseased, dead, or deforms the tree structure. It plays a significant role in enhancing trees’ overall growth, improving tree quality, and increasing trees’ life-span. You can avail the best tree pruning service from our tree experts who will help you prune your trees correctly.

What to prune?

  • Dead & diseased branches.
  • Cross-over branches.
  • Lower branches.
  • Weak and thin branches.
  • Over-extending branches.

Importance Of Tree Pruning Service:

1.Improve the Appearance of Tree Structure: Cutting off weak, lean, unwanted, and downward growing branches will reduce the consumption of nutrition and minerals.

With minimal nutrition & mineral, the rest of the branches will get sufficient energy to grow properly. It’ll ensure better tree health to your evergreen trees and plants. Also, pruning helps to control the growth of your trees.

2.Sunlight: Trees are pruned to get sunlight exposer inside the tree crown. Also, tree pruning benefits small plants and grasses that are under the tree in receiving enough sunlight. 

3.Remove Diseased & Death Branches: Regular pruning will help you recognize the dead and diseased tree branches. You can remove them immediately and prevent the spread of disease to other trees. 

4.Increase Productivity: By pruning trees properly, the productivity of fruit and flower will increase effectively. Also, it will give a definite shape and structure to your trees. 

5.Tree Pruning Ensures Safety To Your Property: Dead and diseased branches may fall anytime on your property and cause damage. It’s better to keep checking those branches and remove them as soon as possible to avoid any property damage or injury to animals or humans.

6.Increase Property Value: Pruning trees will make your evergreen trees strong and healthy. It will make the surroundings beautiful and thereby increase the value of your property. 

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When To Prune Trees And Shrubs?

The best time to prune your trees depends on the types of trees you have and your desired results. In general, during the dormancy period, the end of the fall and early spring is the best time for pruning trees. During this season, tree wounds get quickly healed, and there is less risk of getting attacked by parasites and bacteria.

To enhance flowering, pruning in the spring will yield better results. However, it would be best if you cut off dead and diseased branches whenever you notice. It’ll promote better tree health to your evergreen trees in your home-yard.

How To Prune Trees Properly? (Methods of pruning trees)

Always prune your trees with the right tree pruning method to enhance the growth and health of your evergreen trees. Pruning with the wrong technique can deform the tree structure. So, it’s better to hire tree pruning service providers near your location.

If you want to prune your trees yourself, you must have sound knowledge about how to prune trees correctly. Also, you must have all the necessary tree pruning tools. But worry not! Here you will learn how to prune your trees and shrubs perfectly to give proper shape and structure to your trees.

Let’s explore how to prune trees step by step:


First, you must cut a quarter way through the branch’s underside a few inches away from the trunk.


Next, about an inch past the first cut, cut on the tree branch’s top side. It will break the tree branch between the two cuts.


Now make a 3rd cut at the branch bark ridge on the top section and the branch collar area, the branch’s bottom section. Make both downward and upward cut perpendicularly. 


Now the final cut it must be done carefully. Make this final cut it as close as possible to the tree trunk without hurting your beloved tree.


Here you have learned how to prune trees correctly to ensure better tree health. Follow all these tips while pruning your trees yourself. For the best tree service in Portland Oregon, you hire our tree care experts. We provide specialist residential and commercial tree service in Portland, Oregon. Give us a shoot if you need any kind of tree services like tree pruning, tree trimming, tree maintenance, etc.

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