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How To Trim A Large Tree: Best Pruning Techniques

how to trim a large tree

Are you wondering how to trim a large tree yourself? Tree planting is a crucial step to keep the environment clean and beautiful. At the same time, it’s also necessary to take care of trees with proper methods.

A tree contributes lots of benefits to nature – we get oxygen, shade, fruits, flowers, wood, and a beautiful evergreen surrounding.

As trees start to grow and become very tall, you must trim the unnecessary branches. It will give an excellent structure to the tree. Cutting lower branches of trees will allow sunlight to reach the small plants and make room for the passerby to walk under the tree. Also, your children will get a nice place to play without getting hurt by any tree branches. 

Here you will learn how to trim a large tree without killing it.

Using the right tree trimming tricks, you can help your trees get good structure and better health. But, if you follow the wrong method, it’ll not only deform its structure but also harm the health of your green assets. 

The most common question is when to trim trees and why tree trimming is important. Here are the main reasons:

Remove lower branches of trees:

Cutting lower branches off trees will create room for passers-by to walk around your lawn. Also, it will allow light to pass through to the small flowering plants.

Remove dead, diseased, and weak branches:

Death, damage, diseased and weak parts of trees may fall on your house or vehicle and cause great property damage. It may even fall on your playing little children or a passerby and cause serious injuries.

Also removing diseased branches helps to prevent spreading the disease to the rest of the trees.

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Trim away unwanted branches:

It is better to trim those branches that are deforming the structure of the tree. The sooner the better it is to trim those hazardous branches.

How To Trim A Large Tree: Best Pruning Techniques

Winter is the best tree trimming time:

During winter tree remains dormant state and tree wounds get quickly healed. Also, there is very little possibility of getting attacked by insects and diseases.

Whereas during summer and spring trees have a high growth period. So, if you trim your trees during these seasons, it may deteriorate the health of your evergreen trees.

Now let’s learn the best method, “how to trim a large tree properly?”. Let’s check it here:

How To Trim A Large Tree: Best Pruning Techniques

Step 1 Notch Cut: First cut a small notch in the bottom of the tree limb, it should be approximately 2 to 3 feet away from the main tree trunk. This prevents the branch from breaking off when you go for the next cut.

Step 2 Relief Cut: This cut is to be performed after the notch cut which we did in the first step. Now, measure 6 feet away from the tree trunk, and using your saw cut off the branch completely. This will leave a small branch that you can lift with your hand.

Step 3 Final Cut: This is the main step that will completely remove the branch from the tree. The final cut should be made on the branch collar where the rough bark of the tree turns into the smooth bark.

The final cut is to be done on the branch collar area because here As quick healing takes place in the branch collar area, so branch collar is the best part of the branch to make the final cut.

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Here in this blog, you have seen how to trim a large tree without killing it. But tree trimming is not as simple and easy. A little mistake can damage your trees and deform its structure. Hence, it’s always advisable to hire tree care experts who will help you trim your trees with proper methods and care.

You can call our tree care service Evergreentreeserviceexperts We will be happy to help you and give you our best services to keep your trees healthy and strong.