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Are you tired of unsightly stumps ruining the look of your beautiful yard in Oregon? 

These stumps can be more than just an eyesore – they pose tripping hazards, attract pests, and can make lawn care a hassle. It’s time to reclaim your outdoor space, and Evergreen Landscape Care & Tree Services is here to help. 

With over two decades of experience, we specialize in tree stump grinding in Portland, OR. Our team is equipped to efficiently and safely transform your yard, enhancing its beauty and functionality. Don’t let a stump stand in the way of your perfect landscape any longer.

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State-of-the-art Stump Grinding Techniques

We combine years of expertise with state-of-the-art techniques at Evergreen Tree Services to handle even the most challenging stump removals. With our top-notch equipment and expert team, you can trust that your stump grinding needs will be met with the highest standards of quality and care. 

Say goodbye to stubborn stumps and hello to a pristine, beautiful yard with our expert services

Advanced Equipment and Technology We Use

When removing tree stumps from your property in Portland, OR, our team stands at the forefront of technology and equipment. We employ cutting-edge tools and machinery that guarantee a swift and highly efficient stump grinding process. This saves you time while ensuring your yard remains pristine throughout the operation.

The equipment we use at Evergreen Tree Services includes powerful stump grinders designed to handle stumps of various sizes and degrees of complexity. Each stump grinder is equipped with precision cutting blades and robust motors, allowing us to tackle even the toughest stumps easily. Our commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field means you can trust us to provide the most effective and efficient stump and tree removal service possible.

Our Approach to Stump Removal

In Portland, our team takes a thorough and safety-first approach to stump removal at your property. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Assessment: Before we begin any stump grinding job, our experts thoroughly assess the entire stump and its surroundings. This evaluation allows us to determine the task’s most suitable equipment and techniques.
  2. Safety: Safety is our top priority at Evergreen Tree Services. We take all necessary precautions to ensure the well-being of our team, your property, and anyone nearby during the stump grinding process.
  3. Efficiency: With our advanced equipment and technology, we work efficiently to complete stump removals swiftly while minimizing disruptions to your daily routine.
  4. Environmental Responsibility: We are committed to environmentally responsible practices. Our experts ensure that the stump removed is properly disposed of or recycled.
  5. Expertise: Our team in the Portland area comprises experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of tree biology and stump removal technique

Customized Stump Removal Solutions for Portland Residents

We understand that every yard is unique, so we take a customized approach to stump removal for our neighbors in Oregon. Our commitment to providing the best stump grinding service in Portland, OR, starts with a thorough assessment of your specific needs.

Our entire process begins with a consultation where we listen carefully to your requirements and concerns. We consider the size of the stump, its location, and any other factors that may impact the removal process. This evaluation allows us to create a personalized stump removal plan tailored to your property’s distinct characteristics.

Eco-Friendly Practices From Evergreen Tree Services

At Evergreen Tree Services, our commitment to the environment is part of who we are. That’s why our stump grinding methods are designed with eco-friendliness first in mind.

Our environmentally-friendly practices include:

Expert work that is purely focused around providing 100% customer satisfaction

  • Minimal Impact: We minimize any disturbance to your landscape during the stump grinding process. Our expertise and equipment allow us to work efficiently without causing unnecessary damage to the surrounding area.
  • Responsible Disposal: After removing the stump remains, we ensure responsible disposal. We can either recycle the wood chips or dispose of them in an environmentally conscious manner, reducing waste and supporting sustainability.
  • Safe Products: Our stump grinding procedures use eco-friendly products and materials to minimize potential harm to the environment and your yard.
  • Ecosystem Consideration: Our team understands the delicate balance of local ecosystems in Portland, and we take steps to protect the flora and fauna that may be affected by the removal process.

Safety & Regulatory Compliance in Oregon

Whether in construction, environmental protection, or any other domain, the Beaver State places a high premium on the well-being of its citizens and the environment. With years of experience and a deep understanding of the intricate safety and compliance requirements that govern the state, our team at Evergreen Tree Services has earned a reputation for compliance.

Ensuring Utility Line Safety During Stump Grindings

Prioritizing safety is of utmost importance, especially when it comes to activities like stump grinding that involve potentially hazardous elements. One critical aspect of ensuring safety during stump grinding is the protection of utility lines. 

We recognize that utility lines, including electrical, gas, and water lines, cross beneath the surfaces of many properties. Accidentally damaging these lines can lead to disruptions in utility services, property damage, and even personal injury. Therefore, our approach to stump grinding strongly emphasizes avoiding utility lines, and we go to great lengths to ensure their protection. 

Transparent Pricing for Our Portland Neighbors

At Evergreen Tree Services, transparency is at the core of our values, which also applies to your stump grinding cost estimate. We believe in providing our Portland neighbors with straightforward and honest pricing for our stump grinding services. With us, no hidden fees or surprises catch you off guard. 

We understand the importance of budgeting for your landscaping needs, and our commitment to transparent pricing ensures that families know exactly what to expect. Our pricing model is designed to be fair and competitive, reflecting the quality and expertise we bring to every stump grinding project. 

Seasonal Considerations for Stump Grinding

Portland’s diverse seasons can significantly impact landscaping activities, including stump grinding. Understanding the best times for this service is crucial to ensure the health and beauty of your yard. 

During the wetter seasons, stump removal may be more challenging due to soil conditions. Conversely, drier seasons can offer more favorable conditions for stump grinding in Portland, OR. By considering the local climate and its effects on your yard, we work with you to determine the ideal timing for stump removal.

Evergreen Tree Trimming

Landscaping Tips for Your Property After Stump Grinding

Once the stump has been removed, you may wonder about the next steps to enhance your property’s aesthetic appeal. At Evergreen Tree Services, we proudly offer expert landscaping tips to transform your yard, including:

  • Fill and Plant: We advise filling the stump cavity with suitable soil and recommend the right plants or grass for the area, ensuring that your yard remains vibrant and visually appealing.
  • Mulching: Mulching is an excellent way to enhance the soil’s health and moisture retention. We provide guidance on choosing the right mulch for your landscape.
  • Design: Our experts can offer design ideas for your newly cleared space, helping you envision the potential for new landscaping features, such as flower beds or shrubbery.
  • Maintenance: We provide tips on ongoing maintenance to keep your yard looking its best, from watering and fertilization to pruning and weeding.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Victoria Strand
Victoria Strand
Evergreen gets 5 stars without hesitation (I would give them more if I could!) I interviewed and received bids from several companies and Evergreen had a very reasonable and fair price and the representative that I met with seemed genuine and honest. I hired Evergreen to trim the large oak tree in my backyard and my neighbor’s tree as well. Their team arrived on time, were professional, and communicated the process in detail and got to work and my yard was spotless when they were done. I had to leave for work before they were finished, but I received a phone call letting me know that that one of the very large branches hit my roof and caused some damage and they were sending their team back out in 2 days to repair the damage - they did just that. They had to replace a piece of plywood during the repairs that was on the edge and you can see that piece underneath on the overhang. They took the old plywood, matched the paint color, came back and painted it. I also had to call them with a water runoff issue and they readjusted the gutter and even cleaned some debris that had accumulated possibly during the tree trimming, regardless they went above and beyond and cleaned it out. There were a few communication delays during the repairs, but they more than made up for it in their work and follow through. I want to thank Evergreen Landscape Care and Tree Services for being professional and honest and following through - I feel like there are too many contractors out there that do not treat the customer like they should and often take advantage. If I have a need to have trees trimmed again, I will call Evergreen back and recommend them as well.
Jenna Alexander
Jenna Alexander
So happy with the work the Evergreen team did for us! We had a large tree damaged in a storm that they took down, and pruned our magnolia as well. They did an excellent job with the work & clean up, and they got it done so quickly! They were recommended to me by a friend, and I would be happy to recommend them again.
Iris Ireland
Iris Ireland
Evergreen removed a giant, dead fir tree next to a home I recently purchased in Silverton. They did a fantastic job. Communication was fantastic, and they were very professional. They were even able to take out the tree without damaging the decorative retaining wall next to it. They also trimmed up a second for a tree on the property. I am very pleased and would highly recommend them.
Steve Self
Steve Self
Evergreen Landscape was very good and professional. They removed a 80-90ft. dead Cedar and had it cut and cleaned up like it had never been there except for stump in 1 1/2hrs . The crew was smiling and friendly for miserable rainy day. Would recommend to anyone, price was reasonable.
Pam Self
Pam Self
These folks are absolutely amazing. They were professional and friendly, even working in the pouring rain. They removed the tree, cleaned up the debris, blocked the wood and stacked it for us. I would recommend this company to everyone who's needs tree care!
Deanna Chavez
Deanna Chavez
The best company ever. What a wonderful crew. Removed my ginormous Sycamore tree and were very careful with many landscaping obstacles in their way. Very professional and would highly recommend.
Penny Woods
Penny Woods
These guys are amazing! They took an 80+ year old oak tree off our house with incredible speed and efficiency, while coordinating with the power company during the recent historic ice storm. The care they showed us as freezing people was incredible, even bringing us a generator while they got the logistics worked out. Highly recommend!!!
Jen Dugger Spalding
Jen Dugger Spalding
These guys are awesome! The winter storm left us with a huge branch detached from the tree up about 60 ft in the air directly above our house. They came out and within the hour, they had safely removed the branch from the tree, loaded up that branch and another large one that had fallen into our yard during the storm, and got all the debris out of there. While they were here, my neighbor asked them to trim back a branch from another one of our trees that was hanging over his house and they did it for free! They were quick, kind, professional, and I will use whenever needed from here, out!

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