How To Take Care Of Your Growing Tree [Crucial Tips]

Tree Care Tips

Have you planted a new tree in your garden and now wondering how to take care of it to let it grow in a good and healthy structure? Well! Just planting a tree won’t let it grow the right way. You must nurture your newly grown tree with great care and the right approach to help it get a perfect shape and structure and give aesthetic additions to your garden. Tree caring tips for growing tree is essential for the perfect tree growth. Trees are very precious and valuable assets for our environment. It provides lots of benefits to our living planet earth apart from giving life-saving oxygen to preventing pollution and reducing the greenhouse effect.

Newly planted trees require proper caring and regular attention to enhance their growth and development progressively. Unlike other living creatures, trees can prepare their food and also create food for other living beings. It’s only possible if your tree grows healthy and strong. Hence, initially, a newly planted tree must be given proper care and attention like how you take care of your baby.

Here in this blog, you will learn the best and effective tips for caring for growing trees in your garden.


1. Water Regularly For The Proper Growth Of Newly Grown Tree:

Water is the most essential element for every tree and plant on this planet. Especially for a newly grown tree, you must pour sufficient water regularly around its roots. As roots can absorb most nutrients in the soluble form, regular watering can easily help its roots to absorb the necessary nutrients.

Also, water is necessary for the transport of nutrients and minerals absorbed from soil to different tissues of the tree. Further, trees and plants can synthesis food through the process of photosynthesis only in the presence of water. Thus, water is really a vital component for the growth of a tree.


2. Importance Of Mulching:

Mulching is the most essential practice to be performed immediately after planting a new tree in your landscape. It promptly helps to improve the health and vitality of your new plant.

Mulching provides enormous benefits for the proper growth of a new tree. It’s a good practice that works both for a matured as well as newly grown tree. For a newly grown tree mulching is considered as the best friend. It provides so many benefits for growing a new tree to a matured one effectively.


Let’s explore the benefits of mulching here:

  • Maintain soil moisture
  • Regulates soil temperature
  • Increase soil fertility
  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Controls weeds

Apart from the aforementioned benefits of mulching, it also helps to give an ascetic look to your home yard and enhance the growth of your newly grown tree efficiently.


3. Pruning After Planting A New Tree:

Pruning is another essential practice that involves the removal of dead, diseased, damaged, and broken branches/limbs. There is very limited pruning activity in the case of newly grown trees until the second or third year. After which it gets recovered from the stress of transplanting, and then you can prune the unnecessary parts of the tree.


Pruning helps to enhance the structure, health, and look of your tree. Pruning with the right method effeciently helps to beautify the appearance of your landscape. You can hire professional tree experts from any trusted tree company like Evergreen Tree Service Experts in Portland Oregon. They will help you in pruning your newly grown tree perfectly and give it a definite shape and structure.

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4. Importance of fertilizer for newly planted trees:

Would you like your tree to grow healthy and strong? If your answer is yes, then you must provide adequate fertilizer to the soil where you have grown your tree. Fertilizer adds the right amount of nutrition value on the soil that requires for the proper growth of a newly grown tree to a potential matured tree.

Matured trees can easily absorb nutrients necessary for their growth whereas newly grown trees cannot. So, fertilizer acts as the best source of nutrition for the well-growth of a new tree. Fertilization encourages new growth, improves health, and enhances the overall growth of the newly planted tree.


5. Pest And Disease Control:

Control of pests is a challenging task for landscape owners. There are many dangerous insects that can even kill or deteriorate the health of your newly planted tree. As the saying goes “Prevention Is Better Than Cure“. So the best option is to prevent any pest attacks by applying different methods like pruning dead and diseased parts of the tree. Most commonly, pests quickly attack the diseased and weak parts of trees. It’s better to remove them. Mulching is also an effective measure to control pests.

Pest Control

You must regularly monitor your tree, check its limbs, leaves, and buds. If there is any pest attack on your tree, you can quickly consider using the best insecticides from the market. Before buying any insecticides you can consult our tree experts who will guide you in buying the right insecticide.


6. Staking:

Does your newly planted tree need extra support to grow straight in the correct way? Then you can stake your newly grown tree. Or if your area is windy, then also it’s advisable to stake your tree. But you must stake your tree very carefully. Do not insert the stake on the root area, else it will hurt your tree and kill it. It’s better to insert the stake outside the root area to provide adequate support and help it grow in a proper shape.



Final Note:

Caring for growing trees with the right methods can productively help you achieve your goal to get a strong and healthy tree. By following these methods you can successfully give a good shape to your newly planted tree. It will help you add distinct beauty to your landscape in the long run.

However, if you need any help or guide to plant your tree properly, you can give us a call. We provide all types of tree services right from tree trimming, pruning, emergency tree removal, and lots more. Keep reading our blogs for more tree care-related content.

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