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What To Do In The Time Of A Tree Emergency: Important Tips

What To Do In The Time Of A Tree Emergency

Trees are always beneficial for the environment. They keep the area cooler, and provide shade and add beauty to your home. However, it may require you to have an emergency tree removal in such a situation. Nothing is more stressful than having to deal with fallen trees after a storm. Right!

Knowing how to react in the crisis of a tree emergency can help to minimize the situation before it becomes more hazardous. Moreover, if you have a tree emergency in your home, it is important to know what you can do and what should be completed by professionals.

Managing the tree emergency on your own, without any training and safety equipment, may cause serious injury or even death. A professional such as evergreen tree service experts can help you harmlessly manage your tree emergency and find a solution that works best for you.

Let’s get started without any hurdle!

Some Points To Considered A Tree Emergency


A tree emergency can vary from person to person. Firstly, a tree emergency is something that makes one’s property as well as other people around it unsafe. It may be the case after a storm hits and causes branches to fall onto electrical wires or a rooftop. Though storms are the most common cause for many tree emergencies, they are not the mere cause.

Secondly, a tree emergency can be an infestation. An infestation of either insects or tree disease can cause your tree to become empty inside or begin to show signs of being worthless. Most of the time infections from tree diseases and insects can also lead to several tree emergencies, in which you are worried that the disease will spread to nearby other trees and wildlife and cause even more complications.

If your emergency stems from natural causes, infestation, or storm damage, then tree emergencies should be determined to escape any damage.

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The Tree Has Fallen Or Damaged After A Storm

The heavy storm and rainfall may generally lead to strong gusts and gales of wind. And, storms happen at any time in the year, and in some cases, they can even damage various properties.

If you have an old or weak tree, then there is a possibility of falling. The Snow also an issue, especially if it piles up on the branches, and the tree is not able to manage the weight easily. After the storm clears, your trees might have broken branches or bent trunks which can pose a danger to you or others. The structural damage to the encircling property or washed away the topsoil make it more likely for the tree to fall over.

If you do not have the right tools to trim or cut down the damaged branches, then eliminating them properly can be difficult. In such cases, emergency tree services are necessary to minimize the hazard and contain the potential for injury that these trees have.

Avoid To Get Too Close

Always remember that do not create the situation riskier by getting too close to the tree. Sometimes, trees may look solid and stuck on the ground, but they are prone to shifting and toppling over. It may cause injuries to those who are close by.

Furthermore, you can also block a particular area with a parked car to keep everybody from possible harm and contact the expert tree removal company to assess and handle the whole situation. If the tree is leaning over a power line or there are downed lines, then you have to contact your utility provider without wasting a moment to manage such a situation.

Call The Professional As Seen As Possible

Not all service providers offer emergency services in Portland, so choose your tree service providers wisely because tree service professionals are capable enough and perfect for performing various services in the case of any tree emergency. It is important to have leaning trees examined by a professional who can determine if they pose a hazard because deterioration may cause a tree to become unstable.

The sooner you contact a professional like Evergreen Tree Service Experts in Portland is always better. Tree removal experts will assess the situation and identify any possible threat the tree may cause with the help of the tools and knowledge they have.

The service that can be provided is Tree Removal. If you have a tree that is dangerous for other people or animals in some way, then it may be useful to remove it as soon as possible. Without a doubt, they provide fast, meticulous, and secure extraction jobs.


Another service they provide is Tree Trimming. With this service, you can easily make the most of your tree appeal and health by making the most of the expertise of tree pruning and care professionals. It will take your tree to the next level because their team members will be able to fully attend to you.

Apart from this, they also provide a service called Stump Grinding. It helps you from its average size tree to giants. It covers your tree with all the equipment you need to work most economically and efficiently possible.

Importantly, do not alleviate the stress by expanding the situation. Contact a professional immediately and let them manage the situation to ensure the ultimate safety.

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Final Thought!

The root system of any tree plays an important role in its stability. Analyze the trees on your property and if you find exposed roots that appear weakened, diseased, or rotten, then call a tree service right away. It is an important sign that can indicate a need for any tree emergency. If you are looking for tree removal services in Portland, then get in touch with Evergreen Tree Service Experts today.

If you have any questions or to know more about our tree services, then you can get in touch with us. The expert of our team answers all our questions you might have. We are here to help you.

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