Why Tree Pruning Is Important [Need To Know]

why tree pruning is important

What is tree pruning? Why is it important to prune trees? Pruning trees enhance the overall good health, strength, and shape of your trees.

Tree pruning is the method to remove or cut the dead, diseased, weak, and overgrown branches or stems that not only hinder the growth but also deform the structure of trees.

Now, there is a common question “Does pruning hurt trees?”. Yes, if proper tree pruning is not done, it may hamper the growth of trees and in some cases, the tree may even die. Also, it may weaken or deform the shape of the tree and reduce the food production process.

Our expert uses the best tree pruning techniques to cut overgrown branches or stems to give the required shape to your tree.

The Importance Of Pruning:

1. Increase Growth

Pruning is very essential to maintain your trees well-shaped and healthy. By removing the dead and decaying branches with proper pruning methods prevent your trees from getting infected.

Also, pruning creates room for sunlight to reach its different parts which is very essential for trees to prepare food.

2. Safety:

Regular pruning trees prevent the risk of falling branches over your home, vehicles, or passerby. Dead, diseased, and weak branches may fall all of a sudden and create great damage to your family and property.

It’s better to remove those branches before occurring any dangerous incident especially if trees are located near your house.

3. Get Good Appearance:

Proper pruning will give a gorgeous and evergreen look to your landscape by maintaining suitable shape and size of trees. Also, it will increase the productivity of flowers and fruits. Additionally, it will raise the value of your property.

By increasing the beauty of your landscape you will get so many benefits out of it. So, better to hire tree professionals near your location who will suggest the best ways to prune your trees.

4. Prevent Disease

You must remove broken and diseased branches or steam of trees. These branches may infect other branches of trees and spread the disease to the whole yard.

That’s why don’t take any risk, prune those branches as soon as possible by hiring tree experts.

Let’s check out the different types of pruning techniques:

1. Crown Cleaning:

Crown cleaning is the practice of selective pruning of dead, diseased, weak, broken, and overgrown branches of a tree.

2. Crown Raising:

It involves cutting off lower branches of a tree to create room for vehicles, pedestrians, and buildings. Additionally, this method is done to allow sunlight to reach the other small plants and grass beneath the tree.

3. Crown Thinning:

Thinning is the process of removing selected branches to allow sunlight and air penetration throughout the parts of the tree. Also, it allows sunlight to reach other plants and grass under it.

4. Crown Reducing:

It’s the process of removing the canopy of trees or branch tips to give a proper shape or reduce its size. This method is also carried out to remove the damaged, diseased, and dead branches.

Wrapping UP:

By pruning trees with the proper method you will get great productivity from it. It will increase growth, bear beautiful flowers, as well as produce more fruits.

It is very important to keep an eye on your trees so that your trees remain in good structure and shape. Don’t you think so? If yes, contact our tree health care team right now.

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